St Joseph and St Teresa

Catholic Primary School

“Walking hand in hand with God, as we strive to do our best”

Our Church and Community

Our Parish Church is St Joseph and St Teresa’s in

Chamberlain Street, Wells.  We have very close links not just with our Parish Church but also with the feeder Parishes of St Michael’s Catholic Church in Shepton Mallet and Our Lady of St Mary in Glastonbury.  The majority of children who attend our school, reside within the parish boundaries.  Some parishioners from all three parishes are employees of the School and many Parishioners support the School on a voluntary basis in a variety of ways.


We rejoice in our partnership and endeavour to support one another in our shared mission of building the “Kingdom of God”.


Our Parish Priests are Fr Bede and Fr Anselm. 


More information on our Parish can be found at here.