St Joseph and St Teresa

Catholic Primary School

“Walking hand in hand with God, as we strive to do our best”

Writing Certificates

We are having a big push this year on writing at St Joseph and St Teresa's. We are working on developing the children's vocabulary, stamina for writing and ensuring the children are given opportunities to write for extended periods. 
Each month we will be giving certificates for those children who have shown improvement in their writing. 

September 2019 writing certificates go to: 

Columbus class: Natasha
Einstein class: Bryony and Miriam
Shakespeare class: Rose and Flynn
Rosa Parks class: Quinn and Daisy Ashman
Malala class: Joanna and Freddie


October 2019 Writing Certificates go to: 


Columbus Class: Hannah and Thomas

Einstein Class: Dusty-Rose and James B

Shakespeare Class: James D and Genevieve

Rosa Parks Class: Cecily and Leo K

Malala Class: Amelie and Chloe



November 2019 Writing Certificates go to: 


Columbus: Zia

Einstein: Sophia and Annabella

Shakespeare: Thea and Lucilla

Rosa Parks: Noah and Maddie

Malala: Summer and Dawid

December 2019 Writing certificates go to: 


Columbus: Catinca and Aine

Einstein: Jeremiasz and Archie

Shakespeare: Lucas and Eden

Rosa Parks: Ellie and Mycah

Malala: Luke and Emilija


January 2020 Writing certificates go to: 

Columbus - Harrison and Ruairi

Einstein - Lilly and Lily

Shakespeare - Sophie H and Amelia A

Rosa Parks - Talia and Grace

Malala - Edmund and Asher