St Joseph and St Teresa

Catholic Primary School

“Walking hand in hand with God, as we strive to do our best”


Welcome to our Chaplaincy Team


Our Chaplaincy Team is made up of children from Years 3 - 6 and is supported by Mrs Nurse. 


Meetings and Trips


  • In Chaplaincy, we have meetings usually on a Wednesday once a week. 
  • In meetings we have reflections led by Mrs Sharp. 
  • We share good ideas for reflections, we start planning our own reflections to be led in class. 
  • In meetings we also say prayers and take time to have a bit of peace.
  • We make a reflection for every class on a regular basis. 
  • The reflections the Chaplaincy Team lead are usually based on the topics like Saints and important times.
  • The Chaplaincy team lead reflections for every class in the school. 
  • The reflections we lead are different to the usual RE lessons. 


Why we like Chaplaincy


  • Because we do Guided meditation and you lie down on pillows and it is calm, it gets you closer to God. 
  • You get to know children from different classes.
  • I like doing reflections because it is helping teaching others and learning about Saints. 
  • I like doing reflections because younger children need to learn about the Gospel. 
  • We go on trips. 
  • We do fundraising. 
Chaplaincy Newsletters