Autumn 2017/2018

During this term Class 5 have been learning about ‘Leisure and Entertainment in the 20th Century’. In particular we have been learning about the history of the cinema and we were lucky enough to visit Wells Cinema, where we learnt about the changes in the cinema since the 20th Century. Not only that, but we also visited the Golden Oldies singing group where we learnt about the games that the ‘Goldies’ played when they were younger and enjoyed singing some songs too.

Within our English work we have been focusing on the John Lewis advert ‘Man on the Moon’. We have written balanced arguments, newspaper articles and instructions based on the advert and linked with our English space theme. We also enjoyed a day of poetry where the poet Tony Walsh visited and gave us some poetry writing tips which helped us to create space poems.

We have been deepening our knowledge of the four operations within our Maths lessons this term. In addition to this, we have been developing our reasoning skills around the four operations and worked on using our mathematical vocabulary to ‘prove’ our answers. We have used the ‘APE’ model for solving problems in Maths which stands for Answer/Prove It/Explain It.

We have also have a busy term of RE where we have learnt lots about the role of Moses in the lives of Christians within our Creation unit. We have also thought carefully about our own attitudes to our world through our work on Laudato Si. Not only that, but the Chaplaincy Team (made up of Year 6s from Class 5) attended a commissioning service at the end of November with lots of other schools from the local area – they made us so proud!

Mrs Willmott

Spring 2017/2018

During the Spring Term we enjoyed learning about Biscuits and Food and its Origins. We learnt about biscuits through our Science topic – Properties of Materials. We tested the “dunkability” of biscuits and then dissolved, filtered and sieved biscuits to find out more about the properties of a variety of different types of biscuits. We also classified and grouped biscuits according to their properties and looked further at the way that biscuits are produced including trade links. We even designed our own ‘island’ which would be ideal for growing all the ingredients that could make a biscuit, considering climate zones! Within our English work this term we studied the Brothers Grimm version of Hansel and Gretel and were able to write persuasively about the treat house within the story.

During the second half of this term, we have continued our work on food to include plants and have sorted various types of plants based on which parts of them are edible. We have begun to carry out our own investigation using cuttings from plants and considered how plants adapt to the environment around them. Additionally, within our English learning, we wrote a piece of descriptive writing based on the forest within Hansel and Gretel using lots of video clips to inspire our writing.

The Year 6s in Class 5 have worked very hard towards their SATS tests this term and the Year 5s in Class 5 have been so supportive of their peers. I am very proud of all of you!

Mrs Willmott